The Mission Board of the Congregational United Church of Christ is the response of our people to the biblical teachings of the law, the prophets and Jesus.  This mission is to feed the hungry, to provide clothing and housing to the poor, to aid the sick, to seek justice for the oppressed, and to show love and concern for all. 

We believe that Jesus directed this mission to the community of faith as well as to individuals.  We also believe that the best way to accomplish these goals is by partnering with other religious and secular groups who work for the same objectives. 

Projects for the current year include:

  1. UCC-wide charities: One Great Hour of Sharing and Neighbor in Need
  2. Disaster Relief, including The Sri Lankan and Aceh tsunamis, Myanmar and Louisiana hurricanes, and Iowa floods.
  3. Local Community Building
    1. Iowa City Shelter House, with the STAR program to help the homeless find employment and housing
    2. The Homeless Overflow Project, housing the homeless overnight at our church during the winter when Shelter House is full.
    3. The Affordable Housing Coalition, searching for solutions to the affordable housing shortage in Johnson County
    4. The Ecumenical Housing Project for seniors
    5. The Free Lunch Program based at Wesley House
    6. The Crisis Center of Iowa City (Food Bank)
    7. The Common Fund, for immediate needs of the poor
  4. Educational enhancement
    1. Back to School drive for school supplies and clothing
    2. Winter Clothing Drive for school children
  5. National and international charities
    1. Habitat for Humanity
    2. TEE College, South Africa, for educating ministers and community leaders
  6. Advent Alternative Giving Projects
    1. Mitten Tree for school children
    2. Gifts-for-Giving, Crisis Center, Salvation Army
    3. The Heifer Project
    4. UNICEF AIDS and vaccination projects