The Mission Board of the Congregational United Church of Christ is the response of our people to the biblical teachings of the law, the prophets and Jesus.  This mission is to feed the hungry, to provide clothing and housing to the poor, to aid the sick, to seek justice for the oppressed, and to show love and concern for all. 

We believe that Jesus directed this mission to the community of faith as well as to individuals.  We also believe that the best way to accomplish these goals is by partnering with other religious and secular groups who work for the same objectives. 


Mission Board Core Activities

  • Direct service to others

Including active involvement or support for Shelter house and Overflow housing project; Free Lunch Program; participation in distributions sponsored by the Consultation of Religious Communities; annual work camp


  • Administration of funds used for outreach

Including development and management the benevolence budget for the congregation; scheduling and promotion of UCC and other special offerings; financial support for the Ecumenical Scholarship Fund; Habitat for Humanity; Crisis Center and Common Fund; Holiday Alternatative Gifting project which supports the Heifer Project, School Nurse Mitten and Hat tree, Equal Exchange/Fair Trade Coffee Project, and  the Salvation Army-Crisis Center combined Holiday Project.


  • Education

Including Sunday school sessions on issues addressed by the Mission Board, for example status reports on the Outreach Fund, and faith response to torture; short educational presentations to the congregation regarding offerings


  • Advocacy

Including hunger, health care and gay and lesbian issues.