The Congregational United Church of Christ of Iowa City United Church Of Christ United Church Of Christ
Sept 27 - PENTECOST 18 (Making the Most of Time)
Sept 20 - PENTECOST 17 (Care for Creation)
"What Are You Doing Here?"
"Jesus Wants an Ethical Minimum Wage"
"Ten Years After"
"Here and There. Now and Then"
"Wisdom and Prayer"
"Nathan, Jon Stewart, and Us"
"The Character Issue"
"Conscience and Consciousness"
"Building Permit"
"The Dance of Religion and Politics"
"Patriot Dream"
"It's Earlier Than We Think"
"Facing Giants"
"Seeds and Weeds"
"Faith and Public Life"
"Belonging, Not Conforming"
"Weapons of the Spirit
"Jesus vs. the Phone Company"
"The Vine and the Branches"
"Who Is Christ for Us Today?"
Sermon by Marilynne Robinson
"Christ the Stranger"
"Resurrection Horizon"
"Between Now and Easter"
"Energy for Life"
"New Names for Everyone"
"War Is Over"
"Meeting Jesus"
"Reluctance and Love"
"Overcoming Evil"
"Looking Backward, Living Forward"
"The Shining Star, the Beating Heart"
"Laughing All the Way"
The Nightmare before Christmas
Memory and Hope
"Don't Give Up"
"After Armistice"
"Where Do We Take Our Tears?"
"A Gospel Ghost Story"
"The Things That Belong to God"
"Dressed for Dinner"
"The Authority of Possibility"
"Giving and Getting"
"To Be a Blessing"
"Welcoming Children"
Work and the Realm of Heaven
"Life Together"
"Trash and Treasures"
"Jesus and the Family"
"Be Where You Are"
"Rest and Renewal"
"What to Expect When You're Expecting"
"Wisdom and Living"
"The Compassion of the Christ"
"Gentle Wind, Fierce Breeze"
"Emmaunuel and Easter"
"Grilling with Jesus"
"...and Our Rights We Shall Maintain"
"God's Reply"
"Peace, Purpose, and Power"
"Now the Green Blade Rises"
"The Cost of Living"
"The Seen and the Unseen"
"Seeing More Clearly"
"Stuck in the Mud"
"Unlocking Time"
"In the Making Still"
"Keeping It Simple"
"Ask. Seek. Knock"
"All You Need"
"Finding Happiness
"Many Gifts"
"In Over Our Heads"
"The Christmas Story"
"The Peril and the Promise of Advent"
"Finding Faith"
"Making the Most of Time"
"It Is All with God"
"Cool Christianity"
"Learning Generosity"
"What It Means to Be Relgious"
"The Gospel According to Red Green"
"A Couple of Questions"
"Faith Memory"
"Getting Away from God"
"The Gift of Rest"
"Final Exam, Final Blessing"
"Confirm Your Call"
"Work to Be Done"
"When Necessary, Use Words"
"If Christ Has Not Been Raised"
"The Limits of Forgiveness"
"Wounded and Resurrected"
"Resurrection and Recognition"
Maundy Thursday
"The Commitment to Love"
"Something Great for God"
"The Prodigal God"
"God's Ways and Our Ways"
"Renewing Your Spirit"
"Jesus in a New Light"
"Listening for God Today"
"Still Speaking"
"We Belong to God"
"When the Star Is Gone"
"To See the Face of God"
"Light and Life to All"
"Thanksgiving in Prosperity and Adversity"
"Keep Awake"
"Unfinished Business"
"Go Further"
"The Gospel According to Smokey the Bear"
"Getting Caught Up"
"All You Need Is Love"
"Where Do You Draw the Line?"
"That God_____ Particle"
"Delight in Giving"
"It's Hard to Be Humble"
"Deep Hunger, Deep Gladness"
"What Do You Want?"
"Making Sense of the Senseless"
"Walking Through Difficult Times"
"Christmas in July"
"Take Care"
"Riding the Storm Out"
"Remember Who You Are"
"Post-its, Possibilities, and Preaching"
"Found in Translation"
"Christianity and Evolution: It Gets Better"
"When Prayer Meets Science"
"A Sense of Wonder"
"A Gathering of Snobs"
"The Beginning of the Good News"
"Why Stones Don't Shout"
"The Heart of the Matter"
"Real Food for Real People"
"What Does God Want?"
"Work, Pray, Play"
"God--Far, Yet Near"
"The Possibility of Prayer"
"They Might Be Giants"
The Gospel According to M*A*S*H 4077
"Gifts Differing"
"Beginning to Follow"
"By Another Way"
Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
"The Christmas Break In"
"Defiance, Courage, and Hope"
"The Way of the Pilgrims"
"In That Number"
"Protest and Grace"
"Come and See"
"What Do We Tell the Children"
"Assessing the Harvest--Fruit or M&M's?
"Until Something Better Comes Along"
"To Will and to Work"
"A Life Worthy of the Gospel"
"A New Song"
"Work and Grace"
"God in the News"
"Why Would Jesus Do That?"
"When Prayer Makes News"
"The Broken Vessel"
"With a Little Help from Our Friends"
"Religious Hospitality"
"The Eyes of My Eyes Are Opened"
"Laughing Together"
"Under What God?"
"Courage for the Journey"
"A New Spirit"
"The Church without Jesus (part two)"
"The Church without Jesus (part one)"
"It's Easter--Listen!"
"It's Easter--Look Again!"
"It's Easter--Look Forward!"
"It's Easter--Look Up!"
Palm Sunday
"Breath of Life, Spirit of Life"
"...But Now I See (Somewhat)"
"Questions That Transfigure"
"What Are You Worried About?"
"Listening to Jesus"
"___ if You Do, ___ if You Don't"
"Being and Doing"
"The Gospel Now and Then"
"God's Call, God's Yes"
"Finding the Beloved Community"
The Star That Science Doesn't Know
"And So This Is Christmas"
"Keeping the 'X' in Xmas"
"Thanksgiving on the Road"
"Out on a Limb and Down to Earth"
"Looking Forward"
"A Reformation of Faith"
"Faith that Does Not Lose Heart"
"The Unexpected Grace of God"
"A Liberal Faith"
"The Other Nine"
"Popsicle Christians"
"Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels"
"Entering the Whirlwind"
"Looking Beyond the Details"
"Great Value"
"The Learning Curve"
"Still Learning to Pray"
"Learning to Pray"
Reasons to Rejoice
"The Problems and Possibilities of Patriotism"
"On the Road with Jesus"
"The Gospel Turned Inside Out"
"The Heart of the Matter"
"Amazing Faith"
"Known and to Be Made Known"
"Looking Up"
"Resurrection Reminders"
"New Heaven, New 'Eaarth'"
"Catching Our Breath"
"Easter Surprise"
"Palm Sunday Parable"
"Welcome Back"
"Making the Most of Time"
"Taking Time"
"Why the Devil Quotes Scripture"
"Glory and Dust"
"God Works for Good"
"Reversal of Fortune"
"At the Edge of the Cliff"
"Hope and Uncertainty"
"The Three Wise Women"
Late Christmas Eve Worship Service
Early Christmas Eve Worship Service
"Small Town News"
"What Do We Give?"
"What Money Can Buy (And What It Can't)"
Reformation Sunday Sermon by Marilynne Robinson
"Faith and the Well-Being of Children"
"The Way of Faith and Hope"
"Whad'ya Know? Part VI: Love That Surpasses Knowledge"
"Whad'ya Know? V: We Have a Building from God"
"Whad'ya Know IV: Hearsay and Hope"
"Whad'ya Know?" III: Our Labor Is Not in Vain, or "Fighting with the Bees"
"Whad'ya Know? II: Christ and the Power of the Resurrection"
"Whad'ya Know: Jesus Christ Crucified"
"Cost of Living Adjustment"
"Help When We Pray"
"Hide and Seek"
"Freedom Under God"
"A United Church"
"God in the Summer"
"Lessons of the Storm"
"Seeking the Good"
"All God's People"
"Honoring the Image of God"
"God on the Other Side of the Door"
"We Belong to God"
"Now What?"
"The Beauty of Spring, the Joy of Easter"
Maundy Thursday
Palm Sunday
"Covenant and Renewal"
"Light on the Horizon"
"The Lamb and the Tyger"
"New Names, New Possibility"
"Into the Wilderness"
"Faith for Weird Times"
"Diving into Murky Waters"
"Renewing Our Strength"
"Turning Around, Moving Forward"
"The God of Second Chances"
"Calling in the Night"
The Maladjusted Christian
"Journey Inward, Journey Outward"
Christmas Eve
"Tidings of Comfort"
"Thankful, Mostly"
"Dedication and Promise"
"The Whole World in Our Hands"
"Tears and Heaven"
"Living By Faith"
"Faith and the Well-Being of Children"
"Our Faith, Our Vote"
"Table Grace"
"Greed and Grace"
"The Big Answer"
"The Big Question"
To Work and to Pray (or Play)
After the Flood
All in This Together
It’s Earlier Than We Think
No Greater Love
Can We Talk?
The Spirit of Life
“Power to the People”
Resurrection Wounds
The Audacity of Rev. Wright
The Possibility and Challenge of Resurrection