HELP SUPPORT THE SCHOOL KIDS IN THE SOUTH DISTRICT: The Mission Board has signed our church up to provide supper on August 8, 2022 at 5:00 in Wetherby Park.   

United Action for Youth and the Johnson County Interfaith Coalition are hosting suppers in Wetherby Park in June, July and early August.   We will feed approximately 100 people, primarily youth who will have had a strenuous afternoon of structured activities in the park.  We’ve been asked to provide food that kids would like. Families and passersby will also be welcome. We could use help cooking, serving, and/or sharing this community meal with the South District residents.  If you are interested in helping, send a note to Donna Hirst, donna-hirst@uiowa.edu.   2022 has been a very challenging year for kids, and we hope this effort will help the South District kids learn that the community “has their back” and wants their summer to be excellent. 

  1. Indicate whether you want to provide food, expected dish and servings.
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  3. Indicate whether you want to share this community meal.