What You Can Do Before March


The annual Shelter House book sale will be March 24-25.  The sale will be at the Johnson County Fairgrounds, and virtually all of the preparation for the sale will be in March. Set up will be March 18-23, all hands on deck every day.

What you can do before March:

1)  Identify books to donate, store them in your home and be prepared to move them to the sale site late February.  Books can get dropped off at the Fairgrounds beginning February 26. Volunteers will be needed to sort or move boxes February 26-March 16:   Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

2)  Plan to donate time in March.  We will need people to move boxes, sort books into subject categories, box books, etc.  A sign-up sheet will be in Rockwood Hall and you can begin to consider how you might assist.

3)  We will need lots of dollies to transport book boxes. If you have a dolly that you would be able to loan this enterprise for the month of March, please let the church office know.

The sale is a full community effort, with very strong support from the area churches.  Last year our church was exceptional in its generosity of volunteer hours and book donations.  Let's beat our 2017 record!