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Last Sunday, as a few of us were posting on that virtual coffee hour page, I started to recognize a pattern in my preaching in recent weeks. I’ve been preaching a lot about paths and roads, about “following in the ways of Jesus Christ,” about finding our way in these strange and challenging times.

I want to continue, well, down that path, this morning. Because my interest remains with where we’re going and how we will get there.

Turning to scripture, I expect God to say: “Walk on this road that I have made. Go along this path that I will show you.”

In such cases that task for us seems to be to find and follow. Difficult as that might be, the way is already there.

But as we listen carefully to the God who speaks to Moses, the God who speaks through the prophets in our current days of uncertainty, we might hear a new reality: the road is not there.

But take heart!

Along with that disturbing, challenging reality, we hear a new calling: Create a new way where there is no way.


SCRIPTURE LESSONS: Exodus 14:10-18; Isaiah 40:3-5

SERMON       “We Make the Way”

The Rev. William Lovin preaching

Duet                “Hymn of Promise”                 arr. Lloyd Larson

                        Wen Chin Liu and Kristin Ramseyer


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