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As the impeachment inquiry continues, the news coming out Washington continues to be troubling. This week one person made an appeal that we not become numb to what is unacceptable. Can we find ways to move forward in hope? I Timothy urges prayer—and that is important.

The Congregational understanding of Christianity does not allow us simply to sit quietly and pray while the world hurts and rages around us. We also listen to the Old Testament prophets.

As heirs of that early Christian conviction that the well-being of all people should be both God’s concern and our own, we live out our faith in the world of politics and economics rather than take on a passive, other-worldly spirituality. In this way we seek to love God with all our heart and mind and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.

Scripture Lessons: Jeremiah 31:27-34; I Timothy 2:1-7

Sermon:           “The Perplexities of This Day”

The Rev. William Lovin preaching

ANTHEM       “I Want to Live with God”                Salone Clary