Join Us for Worship

We recognize a few things this morning that are somewhat disparate, perhaps without obvious connections.

One is an occasion of solemnly remembering the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. At 11:00 we will join with others in a moment of silence.

Another is an occasion of looking forward in hope as we consider how we will support this congregation in the year ahead.

And with the Soweto Gospel Choir performing at Hancher Auditorium on Sunday afternoon, it seems like a good time for us to learn a song from South Africa. So, we’ll all get a chance to sing “Siyahamba,” a South African freedom song that is among the easiest learned of all African Christian songs.

There’s a lot going on. Join as we explore—and make—some new connections!

SCRIPTURE LESSONS:       Isaiah 2: 1-5; Romans 14:7-9

SERMON:      “Remembering the Past, Creating the Future”

The Rev. William Lovin preaching


ANTHEM:      “Follow Me to Jordan”           Jay Althouse