Living Generously

Throughout 2023 our congregation has experienced new energy and new enthusiasm for our ministry and mission after several challenging years. This is happening because we are Living Generously. This is about more than money—it is about a spirit that is ready and eager to share many gifts in many ways.

  • We are thankful for the love we have received and we are generous in giving love.
  • We are thankful for the forgiveness we have received and we are generous in forgiving others.
  • We are thankful for the grace we have received and we are generous in extending grace to others.

While generosity is about much more than money, it includes how we relate to our money. One part of developing our financial resources is in sharing them. John Templeton said that in all his years of working with people, he never encountered anyone who was generous in their giving who didn't grow in both wealth and happiness.

As a congregation, we are living generously. We are generous in teaching others about the love of God. We are generous in compassion and caring. We are generous in hospitality and welcome.

Our request this year, then, is a simple one: Please give generously—even exceeding your own expectations—to support the ministry and mission of Congregational UCC in 2024. Please give so we can continue, expand, and develop our worship of God, the Christian education of children, youth, and adults, the maintenance of our historic building, and our mission beyond our walls.

Thanks again for your faithful stewardship.