July 31-August 2

The Church Office will be closed from Monday through Wednesday (and possibly on Thursday) of the week of July 31 as we remove the old furnace and air conditioners and install new ones that will be much more efficient.. On Monday, 7/31 at 7:30 a crew of two from Brandt will be on site to disconnect all equipment and ready the A/C units on the roof for removal.  On Tuesday, 8/1 the crane will show up and remove the units from the roof and lift the new ones into place. A full crew will be on site to do the install 8/1 and 8/2.  The plan is to have all of this done by quitting time on Wednesday 8/2 but if not, then by Thursday 8/3 at quitting time.  

Because people will need to be going through the office to get to the furnace room for that work, we are closing the office from Monday through Wednesday (and possibly Thursday). Jenn will not be at the church on these days. Bill will be working from home.