John Rutter's "Gloria" on December 12

On Sunday, December 12, during 10:15 a.m. worship, the Sanctuary Choir will be presenting John Rutter’s Gloria, for Special Music Sunday.

John Rutter’s Gloria is a musical setting of parts of the Latin Gloria, He composed it in 1974 on a commission from Mel Olson, and conducted the premiere in Omaha, Nebraska He structured the text in three movements and scored it for choir, brass, percussion and organ, with an alternative version for choir and orchestra. It was published in 1976 by Oxford University Press.

The work has been recorded several times, including a first recording conducted by the composer, and has enjoyed success over the years. It has been performed by both professionals and lay ensembles. Described as "exalted, devotional and jubilant", it has been part of Christmas concerts.

The UCCIC’s performance of this magnificent work will feature visiting instrumentalists from the University of Iowa graduate students and faculty, while being accompanied by Bill Crouch and conducted by Dr. Chris Nakielski. This work will also feature a solo trio of our very own Colette Nakielski, Marie von Behren and Loralyn Hogue and the wonderful musicianship of the UCCIC Choir. Please join us on December 12th for a memorable performance.