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An ever-increasing number of people are getting vaccinated. In spite of the also-increasing number of Covid cases and variants, many people are starting to look forward to seeing friends and family, traveling, gathering together, and even simply going to the grocery store without that sense of dread so many of us have had over the past year.

As we look ahead, we also find an increasing number of articles about all of this. They are filled with suggestions and titles such as:  “Life is about to get busier again. Here’s how to keep your time — and mind — organized,” or  “How to hang on to the good pandemic habits and get rid of the bad ones.” One article even holds out the hope that “You can be a different person after the pandemic.”

Life has changed.  And there are more changes ahead. We’re only beginning to sort all of this out.

We, of course, are not the first people to find themselves in new situations, trying to figure out what has happened, what it means, and how we might live in new ways in new days.

The Gospel of John tells of Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, and other disciples of Jesus sometime after Easter. After betrayal, arrest, desertion, and crucifixion—even after resurrection—there they are, on their own once more.

Like many of us, they just want to get back to normal.

SCRIPTURE LESSONS: I Peter 1:13-16; John 21:1-14

SERMON       “Beginning—Again”

The Rev. Bill Lovin preaching


ANTHEM                               “O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit”         Thomas Tallis


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