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There is much in this world that can and does frighten us. There is much that should frighten us. It’s been said that “Education consists in being afraid at the right time.” So we might be learning a great deal in these days.

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew enough danger and enough fear to be somewhat of an expert. He said that we can't and shouldn't try to eliminate fear. It is the elemental alarm system of the human organism. Fear warns of approaching dangers and without it we would not have survived in either the primitive or contemporary worlds.

Fear is normal, necessary, and creative. We can accept the fact that we are going to be afraid many times in life. Out of that fear can come new solutions, creative responses, and personal growth.

Having courage doesn't mean we won't experience fear, but that fear won't control us. Courage enables us to encounter threats, hatred, disapproval, and contempt without leaving what’s right.

Faith invites us to look closely at our fears—to look at those that are imaginary as we as those that are well founded. In faith, we take our fear into ourselves and find that both ourselves and our fear are transformed. The outward result we call “courage”—and it springs from an inward struggle.

SCRIPTURE LESSONS: Jeremiah 8:4-9; Matthew 26:47-56

SERMON       “Courage in Uncertain Times”

The Rev. Bill Lovin preaching


ANTHEM                   “O Lord, let me find help”      Felix Mendelssohn

                                    Wen Chen Liu, Josh Ramseyer, Kristin Ramseyer, Colin Wilson


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