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“Talk about a difficult time.” That’s how Washington DC Police Chief, Peter Newsham, described these days last week. He continued: “These are times I don’t think any of us have faced in our lifetime.”

Maybe we could have seen them coming. But our sight is limited and our insight is even poorer.

None of us sees with the eyes of God—and that is a cause for both humility and thankfulness. Humility because we know that our decisions, our choices will be flawed and never as good in the eyes of someone else as they are in our eyes; thankfulness because the limits of our own ability throw us together with other finite and humble human beings. One word for such a limited and fallible gathering is “church.”

This morning we’ll explore two stories about what we see and what we miss.

SCRIPTURE LESSONS: I Samuel 16:1-13; Mark 8:22-26

SERMON       “Seeing, Sort of”

The Rev. William Lovin preaching


SOLO             “How Firm a Foundation”

                        Marie Von Behren

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