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Half way through 2020 now, we have certainly experienced the unexpected bursting forth. How did CNN put it on Friday? “We regret to inform you that 2020 is only halfway over, even though it feels like it’s been going on for half a century.”

I won’t even begin to try to list the events, but it seems that every week—if not every day—in stunned surprise we say: “I didn’t see that coming.”

And so it seemed to me that it would be good to include at least a little jazz in our worship service this morning—as we have done on this first Sunday in July in recent years. We do this to make a connection with the Iowa City Jazz Festival, which, like our worship, has gone online this year.

But this year, we need jazz not just for the music but also for what it can tell us about living in surprising times.

SCRIPTURE LESSONS: Isaiah 43:18-25; II Corinthians 1:15-22

SERMON       “Jazz 2020”

The Rev. William Lovin preaching

DUET             “I Danced in the Morning”

                        Kristin and Josh Ramseyer

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