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In late August The New York Times article stated: “The World Is Still Short of Everything—Get Used to It.”

During the pandemic we’ve seen shortages of toilet paper, yeast, dumbbells, used cars, and Grape-Nuts. With all of this, is it any surprise that there have also been reported shortages of liquor?

We are, I think, starting to take the advice of the Times and getting used to these shortages, bearing them with some good-natured humor or just recognizing this is yet another part of our new normal.

We’re also left worrying in these days that the roof will fall in—and there won’t be any shingles available.

We’re left wondering—will we have enough?

And how much is enough?

We’ll consider these and other questions this morning as we look for God’s abundance in a time of scarcity.


SCRIPTURE LESSONS: I Kings 17:8-16; Philippians 4:4-9

SERMON       “Surrounded by Abundance”

The Rev. Bill Lovin preaching


ANTHEM       “Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether”        Harold W. Friedell


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